08 January 2018

New Year

Really enjoyed my couple of weeks' break from work.  Spent loads of time with the family and friends.  The Hawks were playing on New Year's Eve - an enjoyable way to see in the New Year with friends at the game, dinner at one of our favourite restaurants and fireworks at Wollongong Harbour; then we came back to my place to watch "Countdown" and the Sydney fireworks at midnight.

During the break I was able to finish off some quilt tops that have been taking way too long to do.

"Cakewalk" designed by Thimble Blossoms made in FigTree & Co fabrics.

"Nova" designed by Kim Brackett from her book 'Scrap Basket Sensations' made using a Batik layer cake and other batiks I had in my stash.

"Low Volume Log Cabin" - all stash fabrics.


I've been wanting to make Lori Holt's "Scrappy Crossroads" for ages and have been cutting out and collecting Bonnie and Camille charm squares.

I made one block using Moda Solid "Ruby Ice" for the background  - think I'll really like a quilt made up of these blocks.

Another quilt I started is called "Nine Patch Waltz" designed by FigTree & Co.  I love how this one is turning out - it's made using "Avalon", a very pretty FigTree range.

Half of the nine patches are made - the others will take a bit longer as they involve more sewing and trimming.

Mum and I went to see "The Greatest Showman" - we both loved it.  I'm hoping to see the new "Star Wars" movie soon.  Everyone else in the family has seen it and I need to catch up.

Where to Start?

The Christmas decorations are still up - the little ones have stayed over during the break and they have enjoyed playing with the train set and everything else plus I've been pretty busy.  I'm back at work now so it will take a while to pack everything away.

Christmas 2017 was lovely - so wonderful that everyone could come home to have Christmas lunch together.  The present frenzy was fabulous fun with the two little ones.

I made a few presents and, as usual, it was a rush to finish everything in time for the big day.  Each year I like to make ChaCha and Gulliver a hand-embroidered decoration for the tree and this year I used a Country Keepsakes' stitchery for ChaCha's and finishing instructions for both of them


but with a Bronwyn Hayes stitchery for Gulli's ornament.


Also made them a Hugs 'n' Kisses Santa's Treasure Sack each with machine embroidered panels instead of hand embroidery.

Earlier last year Michael sent me a link to a pattern for an AT-AT Walker (All Terrain Armoured Transport Imperial Walker from "Star Wars") and I wanted to have this made for Gulliver for Christmas.  I left my run pretty late and was starting to panic about finishing it - the tiny little cannons on the front of the head were giving me grief.  Was tickled pink with how it turned out.

Just after the little ones were born I bought a pattern "Daisy Dress Ups" designed by Two Brown Birds.  These were fun to make and are great for 2 year olds.  Didn't have enough time to make all of the dress-up patterns but I'll get to them during the year.


At the last minute I decided that the Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs Tree needed a tree skirt.  This was made with the "Moda Love" pattern using fabrics from my stash.  This is a great pattern for a quick quilt because it works with any size squares.

12 December 2017

Vintage Holiday 2

I haven't made a Christmas quilt for quite a few years and now I've made two in the last couple of months.  I loved making "Vintage Holiday 2", designed by Camille Roskelley (Thimble Blossoms).  It's a great scrap quilt and lots of little, favourite fabric pieces can be used.

Karen quilted it in one of my favourite designs and the backing was a very lucky find - love that "Hello Darling" fabric.

This year I wanted to avoid last-minute Christmas decorating and started clearing out the loungeroom and family room in early November.  Over the next few weeks the house was decorated and the last ornament was put up on Sunday afternoon - it's been very gradual this year.  There are a couple of new additions:  the train under the Christmas tree and the little boxes that make up the Christmas tree on the table between the two lounge chairs.


A bit of Christmas fun:

06 December 2017

Lots Happening

I love it when parcels arrive from Sew Lux Fabrics in USA - they are always wrapped to beautifully.

These are the sashing, backing and binding fabrics for Vintage Holiday 2 - a very sweet Christmas quilt.

Karen sent a photo of the quilt on her frame yesterday - I'm picking it up tonight and will bind it over the next couple of days.

On Saturday night the stitching girls had dinner together.  Our friend Paula is going to Finland for Christmas, so it was lovely to be able to catch up with the girls before Paula left for her holiday.  I received my first Christmas present for this year - a fantastic, beautifully made cross-body bag from Karen.  Very well-chosen colours.

Our family has had a very big few days.  Monday was Mum's 90th birthday and we had a family party on Sunday.  Mum loved having her family and some very close friends all there together.

Elizabeth made the birthday cake using Mum's favourite flavours:  ginger, lemon and marmalade.

On Monday afternoon the Village where Mum lives hosted an afternoon tea for her - another lovely event, and then on Monday night Mum insisted on taking us out for dinner.  I think she needed a good rest yesterday.

There has been some decorating at my place.  These lovely pink glitter Christmas bells are to be attached to a Christmas present I'm making.

Chain -piecing is very relaxing - just mindless sewing where I don't have to think too much about what I'm doing.  "Cakewalk" is an excellent pattern for this.  I've had this FigTree fabrics Cakewalk cut out since last April and have enjoyed sewing all the squares together over the last week or so in between party preparations and Christmas decorating.

Back to Christmas sewing next week.

27 November 2017

Ziggy's Quilt

A friend of Jenni's had a baby boy a couple of months ago and Jenni asked me to make him a quilt with the David Bowie lightning flash. I really had no idea how to go about making this quilt top and tried not to think about until Jenni reminded me two weeks ago.  She sent me a sketch of what she wanted and I felt more confident to start.

The quilt top only took a few nights to put together and Karen was able to quilt it for me the day after I dropped it off.  Picked it up yesterday afternoon and last night the binding was stitched down.


This year I wanted to start the Christmas decorating early as I have lots happening in December, so most days for the last two weeks I've spent an hour or so putting out Christmas stuff.  Almost finished.  Yesterday Mum and ChaCha decorated the tree - had trouble trying to keep Mum off the ladder.

20 November 2017

Handmade with Love

Picked up "Handmade with Love" quilt from Karen on Wednesday night.  I haven't made a Christmas quilt for many years and this one was super quick to make with all the large pieces.

I love the "Rainbow Hearts" quilting design.  Will definitely use this one again.  The backing is one of my favourite Bonnie and Camille prints from their "Handmade" range - Karen has this for sale.

I took these photos of the quilt on Saturday morning - notice there are no bedside lights.

My dear friend, Lynell, turned up on Sunday morning as we had planned to go shopping for the day, and she brought my new bedside lights with her.  Lynell has been making these for most of this year.  To say I am thrilled to bits is an understatement.


We bought the crystal bases in Sydney a few months ago.

So very happy now that my bedroom is finished.

Last week I finished trimming the last of the hourglass blocks that make up the Scrappy Star blocks

and all the Scrappy Stars are together.  There are a few extra so I can switch the colours around if necessary.  A 5" charm square goes between each star.

ChaCha's Christmas dress is also finished.

A bit more Christmas sewing/stitching/crocheting to get on with over the next weeks.

Had a great weekend - Mum and I visited Michael and Gulli on Saturday and then Lynell, Robyn and I went on our annual Christmas trek to IKEA.  We met up with our friend Wendy and, as usual, couldn't believe how quickly the time went by.  Lovely dinner in our favourite Thai restaurant in Sutherland and then tartufo and coffee in another restaurant.


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