28 February 2013

Making Progress

It feels good to be doing some stitching.

Pouring rain tonight. Think it will be here for a good while.

Going to International Women's Day lunch tomorrow with the girls from work. Layne Beachley is speaking. A nice way to spend a couple of hours.

And, on Saturday, we will be visiting Elizabeth and Matt to see their wedding photos.

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25 February 2013


It feels like such a long time since I've felt like stitching at night. Watching the Oscars is a good time for stitching. Don't know how long I'll manage to stay awake.

Gingham Girls Block 7
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24 February 2013


I had a lot of trouble finding something to wear to The Wedding and after I had bought a dress thought I should have a jacket in case the weather turned nasty.

Two weeks before the wedding I made this jacket:

It was nice to be sewing a garment - been a long time since I've done that. It looks a bit limp on the hanger. Anyway, I didn't need the jacket after all.

Lots of secret sewing today.

Time for a cuppa then some more sewing I think.

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23 February 2013

Responsible Shopping

Some may find it difficult to believe but I don't own a sensible handbag for work. Barbara and I went to Sydney today to go shopping at my favourite shop and the perfect bag was waiting for me and half price.

I love the patent leather bows on the sides.

Another item on my shopping list (I am a list-maker from way back) was a pair of flat black shoes. Found just what I wanted in the same shop.

And just because they were so cute, I had to bring these shoes home too.

I love these shoes and they aren't ridiculously high.

We had a great day out.

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22 February 2013

Very Slow Progress

I have probably stitched during two lunchtimes this year so I'm making extremely slow progress sewing the hexagons together for my next Doctor's Bag.  The area with all green/pink hexies will form the base of the bag.

These are 1" hexies.  It's on the "one day ...." list.

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21 February 2013

Some Finishes (not mine)

Some of the Tuesday Girls have had a rush on finishing up their quilts and they are beautiful.

"Floral Bouquet" that our group made in 2011 - all the batiks were from Rhonda's stash.

Karen has been quilting like a woman possessed finishing up almost all of her UFO's.

Paula: - I should have taken a photo with it facing the correct way.

For the wedding favours Elizabeth made jars of Chipotle Chutney and Tomato Relish.  They looked lovely on the tables.

My contribution?  The labels.
One last piece of wedding trivia - how does a quilter cut individual banoffi pie pastry cases?

This is how!

20 February 2013

The Not-So-Old and the New

In January 2011 John put up a carport.

In January this year we had a very sudden storm with lots of rain and gale force winds. It was all over in under half an hour.

Our reasonably new carport after the storm.

Luckily I had parked my car on the street after work that day.

The new carport was installed today.

I think it's an improvement.

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18 February 2013

Quilts in the Post

The quilts are finally on their way to Chooky for her Caring with Quilts - a bit later than I'd hoped but life has been hectic at our place and is finally starting to get back to normal (for us).

Actually did some stitching and sewing over the weekend - a couple of secret goodies on the go - felt good to be sewing again.

10 February 2013

4 more

Afternoon tea (choc hazelnut slice, Peg's Caramel, Date and Walnut Slice and little Hummingbird Patty Cakes)

and the cheese table - the table was part of the furniture in the house.

And the finishing touch:

The wedding was held at Bellmore House in Bundanoon - we "moved in" on Friday and stayed till Sunday afternoon.  There were over 30 people staying in the house - plenty of beds and a few air mattresses.

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The BIG Day (lots of photos)

A few photos from a very tired but oh so happy Mum.

Peta and her wonderful apprentices. I learned how to wire flowers and decorate banisters.

A finished area.

Elizabeth had her heart set on having a cheese table. Peta made it look spectacular.

Peta also decorated all the tables. Elizabeth made jars of Chipotle Chutney and Tomato Relish as wedding favours.

The "official table" for signing the register. Elizabeth and Matt asked their Mums to be their witnesses as there were no wedding attendants. Patti and I were thrilled.

The happy couple arriving for the ceremony. No walking down the aisle. Matt was already downstairs mingling with the guests; when Elizabeth was ready Jenni, Elizabeth and I walked downstairs, Elizabeth put on her shoes and the ceremony began.

Michael and Jenni reading a poem.

Matt's sister Samantha read a poem about the meaning of wedding rings.

The newly married couple.

The shoes: 6" high, no wonder she didn't want to walk down the stairs in them.

Love this photo.

The happy groom.

Jenni, John and Joanne, John's sister.

Jenni, my friend Lynell and Peta.



With Patti and John.

Elizabeth and Diann

With Barbara, Lynell and Diann

The wedding cakes: Devil's Food Cake (made by me); Guinness Cake (made by Elizabeth) and Red Velvet Cake (made by Patti).

I'll re-load the photos once they're on the computer so they should be clearer and I'll make an album on Facebook.

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